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Wamco Inc. Corporate Headquarters Costa Mesa, CA

Wamco retained Barnard Ventures to provide development feasibility and due diligence on two successive property acquisitions. The first, a 9-acre agricultural property in Fountain Valley, was ultimately not purchased. A subsequent 5-acre parcel with two 30+ year old structures was evaluated and alternative scenarios for its redevelopment or refurbishment were developed. BV researched past City approvals, remaining obligations on a tentative parcel map, and City expectations. BV oversaw the development of site and building plans that met Wamco’s needs, maximized long term profitability for Wamco, and matched City requirements. BV then managed the redevelopment of the property, including completion of a subdivision. The 30,000-square-foot building was stripped back to three tilt-up walls and a slab before a whole new roof structure, interiors, and all building systems were installed. All corporate and manufacturing functions of the business located at the property.

Size: 45,000 S.F. Land: 5 Acres No. of Buildings: 2